Happy Father’s Day

Papa, Dad, Abba, Father of such significance to your child like you no other. You create life: a son or a daughter with your better half the significant other parent: Mamma, Mom, Aayi, Mother Biology & evolution such is nature your drive to procreate spread your genetic matter the unison of X’s & Y’s the … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day


Learning amidst oaks, arches, & arcades

Dedicated to the stellar faculty, staff, & cohort who made the Stanford EPGC 2018 program such a memorable experience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To start-grow-manage a business without losing the plot, we could all use some tips, a few weeks at Stanford? Sure, why not? California, the Golden state: Shoreline, wine, cheese, & the sun. Silicon valley what … Continue reading Learning amidst oaks, arches, & arcades

Boys to men: The road less traveled

Dedicated to my nephew Ankur & his friends: https://m.facebook.com/thesilkroadexpedition/ --------------------------------------------------------- 105 days, thousands of miles traveled, an Indian, a French, & an Italian: 3 Younglings marvelled at such marvellous sights on such a formative journey, such memories they created: Mostly joyful, some teary. Venice-to-Beijing: Soft to stark landscape, we want more of this spot, this … Continue reading Boys to men: The road less traveled