Happy Father’s Day

Fathers Day

Papa, Dad, Abba, Father
of such significance to your child
like you no other.
You create life: a son or a daughter
with your better half
the significant other parent:
Mamma, Mom, Aayi, Mother

Biology & evolution
such is nature
your drive to procreate
spread your genetic matter
the unison of X’s & Y’s
the holy act of love
with the one you so love
to give life to such pure love

Amazement in your eyes
the first sonograph
the quick heart-beat
3 trimesters she grows
& within her a precious life
a marvelous biological feat.
Hormones, sickness, craving
lamaze class & breathing
baby room, cot, toys, & bottles,
baby stroller, baby Bjorn,
baby everything.

The water breaks, & off you go
through each contraction you hold her hand
she pushes & you help her breathe
remind her to inhale & exhale slow
And then the most spectacular thing
you’ve ever seen
you see life emerge from within
tiny head-body-hand-&-legs,
you get teary, your love overwhelming
as you see & hold your very own child
for the very first time, crying
& then smiling.

Diapers! So many damn diapers
you ain’t seen so much poop & pee
sleepless nights, feed, pat the back, burpee
Cradling, soothing, carrying, rocking,
small clothes, tiny shoes, little everything
So many pictures, so many videos
you capture all she’s expressing
her laugh, cry, frown, & baby talk
her giggle when you’re tickling & caressing

As the infant grows, with each passing day
weeks, months, & years go by
her first words, roll, crawl, very first step
you teach & mentor, show her the way.
She walks, runs, you run beside as she rides her bike
no training wheels, back of the seat held tight
and then you let go, she takes control
your pride for her so amplified

You teach her how to throw a ball
teach her coordination to catch your throw
you teach her how to roller blade
skate on ice, & ski on powdered snow
You teach her how to swim & dive
take her camping, how to pitch a tent
you teach her about music & songs
how to sing & dance, to move & jive

Babysitter, kindergarten, & school,
language, science, math, & arts
the difference between right & wrong
what’s quite passe, what’s mighty cool
Sorrow, sadness, grief, despair
we fall only to rise-&-run again
joy, happiness, humour, & optimism,
love, be gentle, always share-&-care.

Family & friends, bonds to last a lifetime
holidays, vacations, weekend getaways
she learns from you how to invest time
in what matters most, who won’t fade away.
Of who to trust, who to embrace
who to let in while her guard is down
of principles, values, & moral things
sorry, thank you, poise & grace.

And as you teach her, she teaches you
how to be a better man
to unconditionally love, & be kind
in loving her, you get many a clue
of your many shortcomings & impatience too.
You watch her express, & react
to things you wish you didn’t say nor do
and with each passing year gone by
evolve & mature into
a refined 2.0 version of you.

So hold her tight, dear Father
watch her rise & take flight
for she’s your best creation
your most spectacular dream alive.
Now’s your time to lift her
for she’ll boomerang back later
to care for you, as life passes
the first man in her life: Her Father

Papa, Dad, Abba, Father
of such significance to your child
like you no other
You create life: a son or a daughter
with your better half
the significant other parent:
Mamma, Mom, Aayi, Mother.


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