India don’t need no lumberjack

Vibrant India: A land of promises,
tropical weather, how the cold I miss.
Scorching summers, always dusty,
salty air along the coast, even stainless steel gets rusty.

In this climate, why all this facial hair?
Hair’s an insulator, dude how come you don’t care?
About all that heat, on your head & on your face,
the constant sweating, even when at slow pace.

The stench builds on your face, collects all that dust,
food bits in that facial hair, daal chawal & roti crust.
Teenagers with all that acne, collecting in that hairy nest,
saw this hairy dude, hair from his chin to his chest.

Enough with this mad fad,
get your arse to the barber, lad
chop-chop, shave, let’s get that clean look back,
India don’t need no lumberjack.


2 thoughts on “India don’t need no lumberjack

  1. Russel Peters has a funny joke about this- the raw deal that Indians got from god in that he made them so hairy and put them in such a hot place jus for kicks 😀


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