Caramelised vodka, Saigon, & such…

Boys, or are we men?
…we create opportunities for memories.
Such deliberate opportunities
to bond, share, drink, & when high, so bold
narrate to our brethren our formative past,
our unfolding present, & what the future may hold.

So honest & pure these moments
when we bare it all,
no fear of rise nor fall.
Friendship. Brotherhood.

Beirut first, now Saigon, memories frozen in pictures.
The drinks, the places, the food,
shisha, kebabs, steak, caramelised Vodka, honesty, & transparency.
Our love for our loved ones: Spouses, children, family. Infinity.

Such soul searching talks, when souls like us share
challenging inhibitions, so deep our care.
As mornings, afternoons, evenings, & nights, blend all-in-one,
love, madness, memories: So much f$&@/;k fun.

This annual pure tradition, a man-cave-retreat so essential,
there ain’t no book to be-a-good-man,
how does a boy grow to be a man so quintessential?
If not for these brethren trips, where we learn from each other,
what it means to be a good man: A respectful human, husband, son, father, & brother.


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