Boys to men: The road less traveled

Dedicated to my nephew Ankur & his friends:

105 days, thousands of miles traveled,
an Indian, a French, & an Italian: 3 Younglings marvelled
at such marvellous sights on such a formative journey,
such memories they created: Mostly joyful, some teary.

Venice-to-Beijing: Soft to stark landscape,
we want more of this spot, this place we’d rather escape.
Cold, snow, ice, sometimes the sun so hot,
sweating in our Landrover, shivering in our makeshift cot.

So journeyed, so tired, should we sleep to rejuvenate,
or should we just stay awake, when every moment awake counts, mate?
So many villages, cities, & towns,
and the people, oh the people! Curious gazes, smiles, a few frowns.

Simple people, lovely people, families, elders & children,
many different cultures, exotic women, strange men.
They speak a different language, dress & gesture in unique ways,
their history so unique, they’ve all seen different days.
Different are their customs, so different their food,
different their challenges, some bad, some really good.

Yet amongst all these differences, humanity the common thread,
that warm welcome smile, wine with me, let’s break some bread.
Please narrate your story, as I narrate mine,
you’re my brother & my friend, let our humanity shine.
Let us pride our differences, what makes you & me unique,
you show me how you laugh, I’ll show you my smile: Cheek-to-cheek.

And at the end of The Journey, stood tall our three boys-to-men,
so many interesting memories, Venice- to-Beijing, Antonio-to-Chen,
such pride, such gratitude, such an awesome discovery,
of what this world means: We’re alive, so carefree.

Join us, you trapped people. We have one life: This One!
Let’s travel across our Planet, live in this moment. Have fun.
105 days, what a journey, such memories!
If the three of us could do this, so can you, my wonderful peeps.


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