This, my Daughter, is your Grandmother

My dear daughter, this is my mother,
my first parent, her husband the other.
I was created by her, of her, within her,
wouldn’t have made it so far, without her.
The absolute love for me, from her,
is my onward pledge to you, for her.

So many little habits I notice about her,
these nuances I made fun of when I was younger
I now find in my own behaviour,
her mannerisms in me, so damn clear.
These rituals I’ll pass on to you, my dear,
so she can live in you forever, as will you in her.

Her unyielding caring, & comforting gaze,
her worry & smile, in hurry & laze.
So mighty her yearning to see me scale heights,
infinite support for my dreams, as I toiled days & nights.
I watched & I learnt, retained her strength-&-poise in my mind,
so I could raise you likewise, to be strong, gentle, & kind.

Her fussing over how I dressed & what I wore,
she rushed me here-to-there, between each chore-to-chore.
On her shoulders I rose, as she kept a perfect score,
of each significant milestone, as I achieved more
and got rid of each doubt, overcame each fear
The reason why I am how I am with you, my dear.

Her love for her husband, my father, her lover,
old-fashioned love captured in that black & white picture.
Their dance to the tunes from that steel record player,
as he swayed her to the rotation of that black vinyl album.
Perhaps static in their music, but their love for each other crystal clear,
Just the kind of love, I wish for you my dear.

Please invest your time & get to know your grandmother,
For she unconditionally loves you, like no other.
In you she sees her child, in you she sees the younger me,
of wonderful moments gone by, fading memories she can’t let free
Learn from her, my child, for she is my best teacher yet & forever,
May you & every daughter have a grandmother just like her.


4 thoughts on “This, my Daughter, is your Grandmother

  1. Hey Mihir, beautiful expression of your emotions for Kokinani. Really touched , had teary eyes along the way.
    Beautiful. Keep it up 🍀🍀


  2. You are such a rock star. Love the emotions.

    Now, need a video of you standing on top of the dining table and reciting this to the family.


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