Such a woman are you…

Such a woman are you: Gorgeous & kind,
an incredible creature, hard to duplicate or find.
’Tis our sheer luck, natural selection favoured you,
if not, where would we be? Cherished moments few.

Such a woman are you: Here to love, procreate, & bind,
that look in your eyes as you gaze: Cheerful & kind.
Through all your ups-&-downs, emotional moments-&-all,
you continue your skyward climb, rise higher with each fall.

Such a woman are you: Daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother: Such a leader,
your presence amongst us our fortune. Inspires us to go further.
Life without you would not exist: Dull moments, loneliness, & sorrow,
such a woman are you: Thank you for yesterday, today, & tomorrow.


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